That feeling when you finally get it. You are flying over a frozen lake, with a big kite over your head. This time, YOU are controlling the kite, not the other way around. It´s that feeling of controlling nature, but still having enough respect to stay humble. If you have never tried snowkiting and get the chance, give it a go!


I went with Oslo Kiteskole. There are many schools who offer weekend trips. I was happy to go with Oslo Kiteskole because we all had our own kite and got plenty of time to try it out. Some of the kite schools have a lot of students, and a lot of the time is spent on watching the instructor use the kite the first day. It is better to try it out on your own!


Oslo Kiteskole offers you to stay with them at their cabin in Haugastøl near Hardangervidda. If you want to stay somewhere else, there are other opportunities in Haugastøl if you google Haugastøl and accomodation.


If you don not have a car you can get a ride with instructors from Oslo. If you are coming from another place there are trains going to Haugastøl.


I paid 3000 norwegian kroner (380 USD) for a weekend with accomodation, transport, food, rental and course together.

You can check prices for a weekend course here:

I was still warm from sleeping under those warm cabin blankets as I looked out the window in the morning. A blue and white landscape welcomed me to Haugastøl. It was minus 4 degrees. We had breakfast and got ready.


Then we drove up to Hardangervidda - and spent a whole day here. The blue sky looked down on a lake covered with ice and snow. Wind carried loose snow to the mountain on the other side of the lake. We grabbed our kites and walked to the middle of the lake. For the first time this season we were able to go to Hardangervidda, over 1000 meters above sea level. It is a plateau in the Norwegian mountains, with perfect snowkiting conditions in winter. And we were lucky. The wind was perfect. Let´s go! Catch me if you can...



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Hi! My name is Ida and I am a journalist for Norwegian Broadcasting who is living in Cape Town, South Africa. I would love to share my experiences from my life in the rainbow nation with you. On this blog, you can also find posts from my travels around the world.

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