The smiles were as big as the colors were bright, and people danced from the second they set foot at the wedding venue. Today, we celebrated Shai and Phumee's marriage the Xhosa way.

"Lalalalalala!" The sound of a woman's tongue and powerful voice echoes in the township street in Gugulethu outside Cape Town. The white party tent is set up, and two cows and four sheep have been slaughtered and are simmering in big pots in the backyard. As the guests slowly start to arrive, they are welcomed with big smiles and rapid tongue sounds from women who are preparing vegetables in the kitchen.

Outside, Shai's brother is helping him with his traditional Xhosa attire. He is soon ready to meet his new wife Phumee who is in the house next door. In the street, colorful wedding guests are waiting for the fun to start. Some of them have travelled 24 hours on a bus from the Eastern Cape to attend the wedding.

When we are all ready for the party, the women start to dance and sing in the streets. They are not just queens of the kitchen, but of dancing and singing in the streets too!

And my favourite grandma:

Shai and Phumee enters the street with a crowd of dancing women following them to their house.

We are served sheeps stomach as an appetizer, different meats and vegetables as main course and malva pudding for dessert. In the yellow bucket is the homemade ginger beer.

After dinner, it is time to mingle and party. Here are some of the beautiful people I met:

Thank you Shai and Phumee for a wonderful day. I wish you the best of luck, I hope your marriage becomes as colorful and joyful as your wedding! <3



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Hi! My name is Ida and I am a journalist for Norwegian Broadcasting who is living in Cape Town, South Africa. I would love to share my experiences from my life in the rainbow nation with you. On this blog, you can also find posts from my travels around the world.

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