In an old silo in Cape Town, new art is shining light on contemporary issues on the African continent. The newly opened Zeitz Mocaa is the largest contemporary art museum in Africa.

"There is no greater pillar of stability than a strong, free and educated woman". These words are written within this face of a woman in a piece by Ghada Amer. This is among the artworks you can see after walking through this majestetic entrance of the Zeits Mocca, which is built in an old silo.

British architect Thomas Heatherwick has carved a breathtaking cathedral from an industrial storehouse he said was originally “filled with pigeon poo in quantities I’ve never seen before in my life”. When the museum was officially opened in September, archbishop Desmond Tutu made a rare public appearance. He pretended to take a phone call from Nelson Mandela in heaven in which Tutu was told: “Yes! This is what we were fighting for!”.

The elevators go through these old silo tubes, taking you to five different floors of African contemporary art.

The art piece below is called "State of the Nation". It resembles the way in which the people of Zimbabwe is carrying their leader Mugabe like a human chair.

If you are in Cape Town, make sure you visit Zeitz Mocaa! If you are a South African citizen, you can get in for free every Wednesday. Check it out here:



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